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Advertising on Gridiron Gold offers unique value for companies looking for relevancy.

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Not only do you reach your targeted demographics and relevancy, you also benefit from our standing within the search engine community. We have NUMEROUS page 1 keyword rankings in Google and Bing for many of our web pages. Ydou can benefit from this super relevant exposure to true players. Not to mention that we already have thousands of backlinks, which is also advantageous to your links.

You can start your advertising campaign for as little as thirty-five dollars per month! Rates are very affordable for the value of our links pages. Our main purpose is our handicapping business and we don't spend time trying to advertise links. Therefore, we place prices at an agreed upon amount for a minimum 12 months fee.

Gridiron Gold Website Advertising Prices:

Pricing for the banners, buttons, and links, are as follows:

You can advertise on at an annual rate (no pay per click here):

1. Banner Ad Top: $2,400 per year. Banner Ad Bottom: $2200 per year.

2. Banner Ad Right Side (1 Page) - 180x150 max: $2,160 per year.

3. Google Style Paragraph Links with Description (lower body section): $1,440 per year.

4. Three word link (bottom panel section): $960 per year.

5. Partner Page Google Style Link (2-3 lines) with Description: $420 per year.

If you're interested in advertising on then select your advertising option above, then send an email to and include; website location desired, type of advertisement chosen with banner(s) or text for link(s) that include links to your landing pages.

Once banner and/or link text has been received, and your invoice paid, then your ad will be added within 24 hours.

More Information:

Have an advertising or co-branding idea that is not mentioned here? Contact and notify us of your request. Should you have any further questions about our advertising program, please email us.

Purchase Advertising Now!

The prices and numbers above are subject to change without notice at any time and your campaign is not confirmed or guaranteed until we receive your payment.

Ads can be paid for via wire transfer or invoice. Just let us know your payment preference. Your order will be processed within 24 hours and your ad will be live on the site within 2 days.

Gridiron Gold Sports Advertising:
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Thank you for considering us for your marketing plans.

Advertising Manager

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