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Basketball Affiliate Program
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Do you own a sports related website? If yes, you can now sell Gridiron Gold Basketball picks right from you own website. You get a very nice commission from all sales generated by your website. Now that we have your interest, email us and tell us how you can promote our picks and where. Send email to 

Basketball Affiliate Program

AFFILIATE SALES INCOME - Unlimited - 25% of all sales for the life of the customer.


Internet gaming has become the fastest growing segment of web-based commerce today with revenue growth increasing from 1.5 billion in 2000 to 4.6 billion in 2002. Projected growth estimates indicate revenues will climb to 10.7 billion by 2005!

Your Future is Calling: What if - without changing anything you're doing today - you could earn a lifelong, continuous income every time someone made a purchase off the Internet? What difference could that make in your lifestyle? Over the next few minutes, I would like to share with you a way to do just that — a remarkable opportunity offered by one of the most respected sports services and some of the best sports handicappers in the nation. in one of the fastest growing industries today. Online gambling is estimated at $10 billion dollars annually. Online gambling content is estimated at $2 billion a year of the total, and it continues to grow yearly. Sports handicapping picks are estimated at approximately $2 billion annually. A winning expert sports handicapper is one of the most sought after professionals year after year. It's simple, players want to play and players want to win and they don't have the expertise to go it alone. It takes hours and hours, years and years of full time experience to be a professional. Gridiron Gold can help you get a substantial percentage of this industry simply by doing your contacts a favor and placing yourself in a profitable, long lasting income producing position. We understand that individuals are motivated by the freedom to decide their own goals and lifestyles. People are attracted to the Gridiron Gold affiliate opportunity because they are free to work as hard as they want, achieve whatever goals they set, and spend their time and money however they choose. GIG affiliate sales agents have the opportunity to build a business to such a magnitude that they can literally walk away and still continue to receive residual income for their efforts.

Since our creation in August 1981, Gridiron Gold quickly became one of the fastest growing sports services in the nation. Simply put, the internet is the breakup of the huge public marketing service – once controlled by a handful of key players – into smaller, more competitive companies. This offers two very powerful things…more choices for consumers and a remarkable income-generating machine for people just like you. Gridiron Gold now offer customers a better choice for their sports handicapping services as well. In fact, Gridiron Gold is perfectly positioned to offer opportunities for affiliate sales representatives that won’t happen “once in a lifetime” but simply once. And as deregulation of gambling spreads from state to state all across the U.S. and around the world, Gridiron Gold could tap into those resources and could see their monthly incomes explode.

If you are interested in getting paid forever by helping players save money and directing them to a company of integrity, honesty and reliability, then keep reading:

Why Join Gridiron Gold's Affiliate Program

Expert Handicappers - We have one of the most respected handicappers in the nation for the past 25 years. Our President is an award winning expert handicapper and not a marketer or casino affiliate puppet. He trains and directs his handicapping staff into experts in specific sports, geographic regions, conferences. We are experts in College & NFL Basketball - College and NBA basketball, MLB and Saratoga Thoroughbred Racing and The Triple Crown.

Customer Appreciation - All customers have the opportunity to earn our preferred customer status. In doing so, our President is quite generous with his free services.
Security - Gridiron Gold has the most secure credit card system in the handicapping industry. Our credit card third party sales agent handles all credit card transactions. We do not ask for, collect or know your credit card information. Your safety and privacy is assured.

You're The Boss - Become a partner of one of the top-rated handicappers and sports service and represent award-winning handicappers. As a Gridiron Gold affiliate, you are the boss!

Great Sales Commission - Earn 25% on all sales.

Residuals On All Sales - Earn commissions on all your customers sales orders for life.
Gridiron Gold Support - Banners, newsletters, text links and sales ID number for regular mail or phone orders.

Upfront Payments & Tracking Reports - Rest assured you're not getting screwed out of commission. You're able to see the system anytime for accuracy and that puts you in control of running your program.
Stable and Secure Company - Gridiron Gold's integrity is unparalleled in the sports handicapping industry. Sports Handicapping Pioneer since 1981. Trademarked and Copyrighted online since 2001. Gridiron Gold is an award winning sports service.

Were you brought up to believe that you needed to exchange time in order to make money. We are all told to go out and develop a skill or go to school, and then go out into the work place and exchange that skill or effort for money, but here is what we found out: We found out that rich people didn’t do that, we found out that wealthy people worked on a different premise – that wealthy people do the work once and got paid for a lifetime and that wealthy people use leverage to get paid.

We are here to position YOU in front of one of the greatest shifts of wealth the world has ever seen: the billions of dollars spent in the sports gambling industry. We are one of those alternative providers. Gridiron Gold provides choice for the consumer. And the best part is that now for the first time in history individuals can get in on the earnings from this huge profit making industry! Plus, - especially here in US – we have an incredible ground-floor opportunity to tap into hundreds of thousands of dollars that have thus far been virtually untouched!

So how many people do you know who would rather pay less for their sports advice? How many do you know that would rather pay for winning results rather than bullshit advertisers? How many have been ripped off by the so called expert, and found out they were nothing more than a scamdicapper with a good line of BS? Again, how many do you know would rather pay only for guaranteed winning results? Well it’s everybody, right? So if we can position you to provide the expert professional services that everybody needs and everybody uses at a discount compared to what they are currently paying and we paid you forever on those services, would you be interested, of course you would. It’s the perfect business model: everyone wins!

Now even though we are positioned in one of the greatest economic trends the world has ever seen, we are not a start-up company – Gridiron Gold is entering our 25th year in the sports handicapping business. We do business in multiple states across the US. We have professional handicappers stationed in or near Syracuse, NY, Saratoga, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL, Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA.! We’ve been written up in all the major sports publications like Gambling Times, Sports Service Reports, the American Association of Documented Sports Services, H&H Sporting Times, Experts Magazine, Million$ Magazine, Sports Features Syndicate, The Basketball News and more. We were also ranked in the top 3 of all our handicapping contest results against some of the best renowned handicappers in the nation. Jim Feist, Dave Cokin, Mike Lee, Tony Salinas, HR Jones or any other service originating in the 80's has seen our backside in every handicapping contest they we entered into vs

Gridiron Gold Status

Furthermore, we are a debt-free "federally trademarked and copyrighted sports information company" - marketing the services that sports bettors use every single day. You see, we own the services we represent – we’re not marketing for someone else. We're not selling picks for dozens of handicappers that we know nothing about, simply to grab them for a commission. Beware the sports information affiliate programs that sell their own picks and then peddle other handicapper picks. Ask yourself this question. If their own handicapping is as good as they advertise, why would they need to sell the picks of other handicappers? Also, beware the affiliate programs that tell you that you'll have online access to your sales results. Remember, they're the people who create the sales reports. If they're selling picks of other handicappers, can you really trust the integrity and honesty of their reports? With us, you get a direct email sent to you as soon as one of your client buys a service from us. Whether it be our $900 season programs or a $15 guaranteed pick. Then, you're able to view our website to see if our guaranteed pick is a winner. If it is, you can figure on getting $5 of that $15 purchase for one pick. As you can see, you have direct access upfront to see what's happening with your clients. Why do we do it this way you ask? Because our Pres insists on it .. he insists on a no questions asked system of honesty and integrity. He's been like that for 25 years now and he will never change. We don’t sell a pill, a lotion or a potion. We don’t convince people to change their buying habits or spend money on anything. All that we do is save them money on their fees, and make them money on our handicapping prowess - and then take the revenues that used to flow to the big sports service handicapping, (marketers with no true professional handicappers) monopolies and redirect them into our own households. The only thing that changes for the consumer is the increase in their bank account and the amount they pay for service. There is no cost to try the service, every service that we have is risk free and guaranteed - there are no contracts and no hidden charges.

Now for some, what we are talking about is “plan b” income, a way to supplement your current career. However, you may see the big picture and perfect timing of this opportunity and jump in with both feet and begin adding a double income to your bank account very quickly. Either way, if you’re not lazy and want more from life you can reap big profits for your efforts.

If you're a person who thinks they've seen everything, then this is definitely for you. This really deserves just a few minutes of your time: the fact that you have gotten this far indicates that you have a keen interest and desire to do something. You know that if you continue doing what you have been doing, you will continue getting what you have been getting, so you must do something new. Read that last sentence again.

I am involved in this business because I have the ability to consistently maintain a high percentage of sports handicapping results. This expertise allows me to maintain my personal and professional values of honesty and integrity while also allowing me to pursue my dreams in a profession where most others do not mirror these values.


As I continue to build this exciting sports information service, I am looking for ambitious sales agents positioned on the internet or around the world, who want more for their lives. You do not need a website to be an agent. We assign ID's that may be used simply by your client stating they were referred by you.
Act Now. The possibility for you to achieve your dreams - new homes, car and travel (not to mention becoming debt free!) is not difficult and completely up to you. I am ready to put you into our affiliate program that can realistically and ethically provide you with a good income or a very good second income while working part-time from your home or by referring potential customers from your local area, neighborhood tavern, sports bar or anywhere you meet a sports gambler.

So, if you’d like to join our affiliate program and get set you up with your affiliate ID number, get started today.

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