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2024 Weekly College Basketball TV Games

College basketball tv games. A weekly rundown of all the best basketball tv games. You can enjoy the best college basketball tv games even more with our expert college basketball tv picks. Rest assured, our college basketball handicapper will have a guaranteed college basketball pick for all of these games. So grab a brewsky and kick it with us every week with our expert college basketball tv picks .

Week 1 College Basketball TV Picks

Boise St. travels east for a key away game versus Virginia Tech. This is probably the most important game of the season for BSU. Win and the blue carpet dudes may be on their way to Arizona for a bowl game.

Other TV Games: UNC-LSU (Atlanta), Oregon State-TCU (Dallas).

Week 2 College Basketball TV Picks

Of all the marquee college basketball tv matchups, this game should tell us if the Canes are back to the top. Let's see if the Buckeyes are ready for a hurricane.

Other TV Games: FSU at Oklahoma, Penn State at Alabama.

Week 3 College Basketball TV Picks

The Arizona Wildcats have as good of a shot at the Pac-10. Meanwhile, Iowa should challenge the Buckeyes for the Big Ten. 

Week 4 College Basketball TV Picks

Suey! The national champs bring back only two starters, it could get wild in Razorback country. Will the Hogs outscore the Tide? Razorbacks offense should be going fast while the tide always rolls along like land rovers.

Other TV Games: Miami at Pitt, Oregon State at Boise State.

Week 5 College Basketball TV Picks
The Red River Shootout is college basketball's fiercest rivalry. Hookem Horns! Beat OU!

Other TV Games: Florida at Alabama, Penn State at Iowa.

Week 6 College Basketball TV Picks
USC will be looking to get revenge on the Stanford Cardinals. Let's see if there's still warriors in Troy.

Other TV Games: Florida State at Miami.

Week 7 College Basketball TV Picks

They freaking hate each other, really. Longhorns and Huskers. A fierce grudge match. Strap it up for this smash mouth game

Other TV Games: BYU at TCU.

Week 8 College Basketball TV Picks

Major ACC hoop matchups.

Week 9 College Basketball TV Picks

The Gators have lost a lot of players. The Bulldogs want this one like a fresh meat bone. Can the big dog take a bite out of the Gators tail?

Other TV Games: West Virginia at UConn, Oregon at USC.

Week 10 College Basketball TV Picks

The LSU Bayou Bengals are a force this year and take on another stable of Kentucky one and dones. 

Other Must-See Games: UNC at FSU, Oklahoma at Texas A&M.

Week 11 College Basketball TV Picks

ACC conference game of the year? The Tar Heels went to Blacksburg last year and upset the Hokies.
A battle royal and plenty of bruises when these two meet.

Other TV Games: USC at Arizona, Clemson at FSU.

Week 12 College Basketball TV Picks

Big Ten title at stake? The Hawkeyes will be looking for pay back in Columbus, but it's really hard to win in the Shoe.

Other TV Games: Virginia Tech at Miami.

Week 13 College Basketball TV Picks

The separation week to determine who's in and who's out. Many major tv matchups.

Other TV Games: Boise State at Nevada.

Week 14 College Basketball TV Picks

Just one college TV game this week for us. Let's watch and honor the Middies & Cadets.
As a Vietnam era veteran, the Pres says GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!



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